Rachel Smith

B Arts (Hons) (Psychology),
Dip Mind-Body-Medicine,
Dip Kinesiology

Rachel helps clients get back on track with their health by recalibrating their energy for more Zen & inner balance, so they are free to live their best life. Using Heart and Brain-based science integrated with Eastern systems and practices, Rachel helps individuals to thrive in their personal and professional lives, with happy and healthy relationships and less sides of overwhelm and burn out.

In the modern world, the evolutionary design of our bodies and brains have never been less suited to the demands of modern life, easily leaving us feeling stuck in a rut, overwhelmed or depleted. Often, it’s our survival responses and an overactive fight- flight reflex that gets in the way of health & resilience in our personal or professional lives. 

Symptoms that your body might be in a survival state in your life can include procrastinating, perfectionism, overwhelm, depletion, depression, lower resilience or burn out. In your body, you might notice disharmony including insomnia, digestive or immunity challenges, infertility, or cardiovascular concerns. In your career or business, you might notice stagnation, challenges focusing, learning or being adaptable. In relationships this might look like difficulties with communication, intimacy, and confidence.


Rachel believes that inner balance is your best asset & your greatest strength personally and professionally. When we invest in cultivating a calmer & more harmonious energy bank, all processes in the mind & body can function more optimally. Best of all, you will notice that you have more capacity to take on life’s challenges, new goals, stay inspired & say yes to the right opportunities, without tipping into overwhelm, burn out or feeling disconnected. 

Rachel’s “Zen” qualifications include an Honours in Psychology, Dip MBM, Dip Kinesiology, Adv Dip Yoga Teaching (500 hours) & Reiki 3a. Before Kinesiology, she gained professional experience including Human Resources, Higher Education & Insurance.

Rachel’s Specialties

Feel Better

Positive mood, insomnia, digestive or immunity challenges, infertility, fatigue, overwhelm or burn out.

Work Stress

Motivation, emotional health, focus, growth, learning, perfectionism, procrastination, adaptability and resilience.


Strengthen openness & feeling secure with communication, intimacy & relationships.