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Gender Sway Program: Effective Techniques for Conceiving a Girl or Boy

The Gender Sway Program has been expertly curated by Lisa Tesoriero, designed to empower couples in their journey to increase their chances of conceiving their desired gender. The techniques used are based on scientific research and Lisa’s extensive experience, to help you increase the likelihood of conceiving a baby girl or boy.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Gender Sway Program

How to Conceive a Girl or a Boy with the Gender Sway Program

Whether you dream of having a little girl or a boy, the Gender Sway program offers effective techniques for increasing your odds. 

Unlike other programs, Lisa’s approach combines scientifically researched techniques with years of clinical experience, resulting in a success rate of over 80%. This success rate is based on clients who fell pregnant while on the program, many of whom already had children of the opposite gender.

How Gender Swaying Works

It is the accuracy of the timing (through charting temperatures, mucous and OPK’s, and monitoring maternal blood levels of particular hormones), the very specific mineral ratios and blood sugar levels, and Lisa’s commitment to guiding couples through the process (step by step) that we believe makes the program so successful.

How to Conceive a Boy or a Girl – Gender Swaying Explained

A man’s semen contains a mixture of X-chromosome sperm (to conceive a girl) and Y-chromosome sperm (to conceive a boy). The factors that may influence the success of one gender of sperm over the other in reaching the prospective mother’s egg and fertilising it, are the basis of the Gender Sway program.

The premise behind our program is that the male chromosome carrying sperm are faster, and the female chromosome carrying sperm are slower, yet more resilient.

To increase the odds of making either a female embryo or a male embryo, several factors need to be manipulated in the prospective Mother and Father. These include body chemistry, mineral levels, blood sugar levels and timing of intercourse.

Gender Sway Pricing Guide

Initial consultation and first cycle  |  $350

Second and subsequent months/cycles  |  $250

Meet Lisa Tesoriero: Expert in Gender Swaying

Lisa is a Naturopath, Nutritionist, and RTT Hypnotherapist and has been working in private practice on the Northern Beaches for the past 22 years.

​Lisa’s expertise lies in preconception care and pregnancy, and specifically Gender Swaying. She has spent many years refining a program to improve couples’ chances of having a child of their favoured sex.

Lisa’s education includes a bachelor’s degree in Human Movement/Health Education from Sydney University and an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy from Nature Care College.

Lisa’s education and extensive clinical experience give her a vast amount of knowledge to draw upon when treating and guiding her clients.

Lisa has three children and used these techniques on herself to achieve her desired results: two boys and a girl.

For more information, go to, contact Lisa Tesoriero by email at [email protected], or book your complimentary 15-minute call using the button below.

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