Ali Berecry

B. Science (Immunology & Cell Pathology), B. Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine), Advanced Diploma of Nutrition

Ali left a high-pressure job in finance to study complementary medicine after seeing Hayley for her own (extensive!) health issues. She was inspired by how she was able to regain control of her stress levels, gut health, hormones and immune system. What struck her the most was how many more options were available to people with chronic illnesses than were being offered: we’re often told “there’s nothing you can do about this, you just have to live with it”, which is just not the case – we have so many options available to us, from diet and lifestyle modifications to herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. Her passion is helping people whose quality of life has really been impacted by a condition, especially when they feel like they’ve exhausted every possible avenue offered to them and are losing hope of ever feeling well again.

She likes to joke that her favourite conditions to treat are everything she (or her nearest and dearest) have ever been diagnosed with, because being a Type A personality, she has done a massive deep dive into what’s going on and how she can help. This includes gut microbiome imbalances (“dysbiosis”) and its consequences (IBS, SIBO, food intolerances and leaky gut), female reproductive concerns (PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, breast cysts and fertility support), endocrine issues (hypothyroidism, blood sugar imbalances and HPA axis dysfunction or “adrenal fatigue”), mental health conditions (depression, anxiety, ADHD) and immune dysregulation (allergies and eczema, autoimmune conditions, post-viral fatigue). Yep, she has been diagnosed with most of these!

As a bonafide science nerd, her approach is best described as combining established scientific research about the body’s biochemical pathways with thousands of years of traditional knowledge about complementary and alternative medicine. There’s a lot of noise out there about things we should be doing for our health (thanks Insta), but not all of it is validated, and you can easily become overwhelmed and tumble down the rabbit hole of “wellness” without making any meaningful progress towards health. Her goal is to provide a treatment plan utilising proven supplements that are specific for your individual presentation and lifestyle changes that are realistic, achievable and sustainable, thereby empowering you to take control of your health and wellness for the long run.

Ali’s Specialties

Women’s Health

PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, perimenopause, menopause and fertility support.

Gut Microbiome Imbalances

Dysbiosis, IBS, SIBO, food intolerances and leaky gut.

Mental Health

Depression, anxiety, ADHD.

Immune Dysregulation

Allergies and eczema, autoimmune conditions, post-viral fatigue.