Charity King

Bachelor of Science (Food & Nutrition), Post. Grad Dip. Human Nutrition

Find peace with what you eat through science-backed nutrition and lifestyle coaching, tailored to your body’s unique needs.

Nutritionist Charity King founded Freshwater Nutrition in 2020 to help clients and their households achieve and maintain food freedom with fewer rules and more exceptions.

Over the last 10 years, Charity has made it her mission to help people heal their relationship with food and add nourishment into their daily lives through practical nutrition and lifestyle changes. As someone who struggled with disordered eating as a teenager as well as gut and autoimmune issues in her adult life, Charity understands that each person is unique and holds their own goals and challenges. This is why her caring support and programs are curated for each client’s individualised needs and tastes. She focuses on adding delicious things in to create balance rather than cutting out your favourite things or isolating you from a social, enjoyable life.


hand squeezing a lemon into a glass of water

Charity’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Food & Nutrition and a Postgraduate certification from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics alongside extensive on-going training and research to bring her client’s the most safe, modern and practical strategies for their health needs. Her main areas of expertise are gut heath, sports nutrition and curating healthy habits for households. She also has extensive experience supporting those with chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, long-term weight loss goals as well as nutrition for children and teens.

Charity’s support is offered in-person, online and over the phone through her private practice Freshwater Nutrition and within Pure Whole Health.

Charity’s Specialties

Gut Health

IBS, constipation, inflammatory bowel diseases, bloating and reflux.

Healthy Habits

Balanced & health-conscious diet habits, meal patterns.

Sports Nutrition

Enhance performance, recovery, and overall health.

Chronic Fatigue

Personalized meal plan, Address deficiencies, manage energy levels.


Optimal nutritional balance to support thyroid function and alleviate symptoms.