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Harmonise Your Mind, Body & Life

Kinesiology is a mind-body modality, which views energy, healing, and integration as foundational elements of sustaining better health. Central to creating greater levels of inner balance, is regulating stress about the past, present and future so you can be your best you.  When fear or a survival mode dominates our conscious or subconscious mind, the efforts to replenish energy or establish healthy habits for vitality can be like pouring water into a leaky bucket. 

Cultivating inner balance and resilience is always essential for optimal health, given the role of energy and the nervous system in supporting all functions in our body and vitality. This includes immunity, digestion, and reproduction, as well as playing a key role in health & harmony in all areas of life.  

Muscle Testing

 A valuable tool employed in Kinesiology is muscle testing, which allows practitioners to access information from the body and tap into its innate intelligence, facilitating growth and awareness. This technique serves practical purposes in problem-solving your fastest path to health and also in understanding what might be a key driver of disharmony that may be keeping you stuck in your perceptions, your relationships or your life.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Combined with other modalities or as a standalone modality, Kinesiology can become an essential partner in supporting your health needs on your wellness journey.

Emotional Health


Build Confidence

Healthy Love

Focus & Stress

Spiritual Growth

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Meet your Kinesiologist


Rachel integrates evidence-based strategies with Eastern and Western principles to cultivate resilience and wellness. She emphasises energy, healing and integration as key determinants of personal and professional wellness.

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